Apple working on noise cancelling AirPods, over the ear headphones

Apple offers a wide selection of audio accessories under the Beats brand, but next year Cupertino will expand the Apple-branded offerings, according to Bloomberg. There will be premium AirPods, Apples first over the ear headphones and a new generation of HomePod.

The new AirPods will feature noise cancellation and will be water resistant (sweat/rain, not for swimming). The company will try to improve the connection range so you can stray further from your iPhone and remain connected. Apple is even considering adding biometric sensors like a heart rate monitor to future models. The price will be higher than the current AirPods ($160).

Apple reportedly working on noise cancelling AirPods, over the ear headphonesThe current AirPods from Apple

The over the ear headphones will be a premium offering targeting the likes of Bose and Sennheiser. They will allegedly sit above the Beats headphones sold by Apple. Not much is known about these, but noise cancellation seems likely. These were supposed to come out later this year, but they ran into issues and the release was pushed back to early next year.

Apples development of the HomePod wasnt a smooth ride either, but theres a new version coming early next year. What direction Apple will take with the HomePod 2 is yet to be determined.