Apple Watch Series 4 shows off its big display in a leaked render

The first renders showing the upcoming iPhone XS and its bigger sibling (possibly to be called iPhone XS Plus) weren’t it in terms of Apple-related leaks for the day.

We’ve also got an official looking render of the Apple Watch Series 4. At first sight it’s got a familiar look, and it’s even expected to have the exact same length and width as its predecessor.

The difference, however, is in the screen. Specifically, the fact that the Series 4 will employ a bigger display in the same chassis, by trimming the bezels. Past rumors said the new panel would be around 15% bigger.

The smartwatch will come with a brand new watch face, also seen in this image. It shows much more information than any of the current faces, with a total of eight complications around the time and within the clock hands.

In between the side button and the Digital Crown is a new hole, likely intended to host an additional microphone. The Digital Crown and side button seem to be slightly modified compared to the Series 3. We’ve already heard that current watch bands will be compatible with the new Apple Watch models launching on September 12 at Apple’s big event.