Apple to cut iPhone XR price in Japan, restore iPhone X production

Apple announced its financial results earlier this year, and it revealed flat iPhone sales. Along with that the company issued a very conservative guidance for the holiday sales.

In an effort to arrest the slide, Apple is planning to cut the price of the iPhone XR in Japan, according to The Wall Street Journal. Carriers in the Asian country will receive subsidies to boost sales since customers are still favoring iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. What is more interesting, is that Apple is planning to relaunch the production of iPhone X for specific markets.

Price cuts at certain markets is not an unusual practice, even for a company like Apple that aims for higher retail prices rather than huge volume. The concerning part is Japan is a massive market for Cupertino and being unable to convert local customers to its new smartphones might be pointing to more significant issues.

While two of the 2017 smartphones are stealing the show, the third one – iPhone X – is being relaunched for an entirely different reason. WSJ said Apple is yet to meet its quota of ordered OLED panels and since the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max aren’t moving as fast as the company hoped, last years flagship might be the answer of reaching the minimum order of panels.

The company is highly unlikely to bring the iPhone X on its website but might push it to retailers and carriers, similar to what it did with the iPhone 6 several years ago.

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