Apple iPhone X sells out in minutes in South Korea

Apple has sold out the iPhone X in South Korea – LG and Samsung’s home market.

South Korea’s biggest carrier – SK Telecom – has confirmed that it has exhausted all of its iPhone X pre-order stock in 3 minutes – in contrast, the initial iPhone 7 stock took 20 minutes a year ago.

SK Telecom has said to Korea’s Yonhap News Agency that it had less than half as many iPhone X units as it had iPhone 8 ones and that the silver iPhone X took about 1 minute to sell out in pre-orders.

Industry analysts estimate that around 150,000 iPhone X units were allocated to South Korea.

According to analysts the iPhone 8 series had around 60-70% of the interest of the iPhone 7 series – probably due to the iPhone X’s arrival to market.

It seems interest in the iPhone X is strong in South Korea, despite the smartphone carrying a big price premium compared to its Stateside price – Korean buyers are charged around $1,237 for the base 64GB model, compared to the $999 US price.