Apple iPhone 7 goes on sale, long lines form in front of stores

The Apple iPhone 7 is now available in stores, though getting one is no easy task as the traditional lines in front of Apple stores have formed once again.

The iOS flagship is launching in 28 countries first. We collected pricing info for the US, the UK and Europe if you’re interested. Fair warning, though, you might want to order it online, getting one is tough. Availability is spotty too, the iPhone 7 Plus is nowhere to be found and while the smaller model is mostly available, the coveted Jet Black is out of stock.

And be prepared for a long wait. Some people are lucky – like Ty Moss, who was first in line. And this O2 store tweeted the first happy customer.

First in line for the iPhone 7!

Ty Moss (@tymoss) September 16, 2016

Our first happy #iPhone7 customer! Even had the #Guru on hand to set it up and wow her See you in 12 months! #O2

O2 Beaumont Leys (@celfonebeaumont) September 16, 2016

For others, the lines look very different, having a reservation doesn’t help either.

Queue for iPhone 7 even if you have a reservation! :/ #Apple

Mahmood Ansari (@MahmoodAnsari) September 16, 2016