Apple increases its App Store download limit over cellular to 150MB

With todays official release of iOS 11, Apple has also announced in brief post on its Developers Blog that it is increasing the limit of the size of Apps that can be downloaded from the App Store over a cellular connection.

The limit is now 150MB, up from the 100MB that it was before iOS 11 dropped officially.

Weve increased the cellular download limit from 100 MB to 150 MB, letting customers download more apps from the App Store over their cellular network.

Customers should be able to decide which apps to download and if they want to download a 400MB game using their cellular provider, they should be able to do so freely. Apple doesnt seem to agree.

Although, its more likely to be a liability issue where Apple does not want to be held responsible for iPhone users unknowingly downloading large apps over a data network, only to find additional data overages on their bill.

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