Another OnePlus 5 prototype: 3.5mm jack and antenna lines not visible

Another purported OnePlus 5 prototype has been photographed with some key differences from the one we saw yesterday.

Notice how the LED flash is now between the two cameras on the back, not below them. It is a dual LED dual tone flash again. The antenna lines are also different – actually, they are missing altogether.

(Alleged) OnePlus 5 prototype: where's the 3.5mm jack?
(Alleged) OnePlus 5 prototype: notice the LED flash

(Alleged) OnePlus 5 prototype: where’s the 3.5mm jack? notice the LED flash

Then theres the photo of the bottom of the phone. Notice whats missing? The 3.5mm headphone jack used to be there. After this Twitter poll, it seems dubious that OnePlus will ignore its fans like that. The jack could have moved on top, of course. Jack aside, with two grills instead of one, are we getting stereo speakers?

Different OnePlus 5 prototype from yesterday

Different OnePlus 5 prototype from yesterday

It depends – there are several prototype devices floating around and its not clear which design will go into production. Frankly, we dont care much about the position of the LED flash, antenna lines we can stomach, but well definitely miss the headphone jack if its gone.

Thanks, Sanjeev!