Anker is working on a heads-up display for your car

Anker may so far be best known for its portable chargers, but the company is looking to change that in the near future. See, Anker is now working on a heads-up display (HUD) for your car. It’s called Roav. As portrayed by the official image below, you’ll stick it to your car’s dashboard, and it features a transparent display that won’t cover up important things in your field of view while driving.

Although information about the specifics regarding how it works isn’t available yet, it seems plausible that you’ll connect your smartphone to the Roav, and it will show you things such as navigation instructions, media playback details, your vehicle’s speed, and caller ID through its transparent display.

Anker has a website set up for the Roav, as well as social media presences, but it still hasn’t officially announced it. That said, the device will reportedly become available in November. Pricing is still a mystery, but judging by Anker’s past products, expect it to be rather affordable. Anker-branded accessories are almost universally liked on Amazon, so the Roav could be a success too.

Basically the only competitor for the Roav right now is Navdy, a crowdfunded car HUD that looks very similar. However, Navdy has been unveiled in 2014 and it’s still at the phase of shipping pre-orders since July. That’s a step forward though, considering Navdy was initially planned to hit the streets in 2015.

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