Andy Rubin’s Essential may be unveiling its bezelless smartphone on May 30

Android co-founder Andy Rubin has been working on a new smartphone through a company called Essential. Back in January a report outed a few details about it, and then in March Rubin himself tweeted the teaser image you can see below, confirming the near-bezelless handset’s existence.

Today Essential has tweeted for the first time, and as you can see it’s promising “something big” for May 30. Obviously we’re thinking that might be the official unveiling date for that smartphone, but do keep in mind that there’s a chance it will be something else entirely. Essential may be developing more products than one.

Hi, welcome to our Twitter page. We’re here to let you know something big is coming May 30th! Stay tuned…

Essential (@essential) May 25, 2017

The Essential phone is expected to be high-end, with a modular system built-in. This will work through a proprietary magnetic connector that can also charge the battery. Third-party modules are on the way, while Essential itself is working on a spherical camera add-on that captures high-res 360-degree images.

The handset’s screen could be bigger than the 5.5″ panel in the iPhone 7 Plus. There will be a metal frame and a ceramic back too, making this Essential product very similar (at least in theory) to Xiaomi’s impressive Mi Mix. Pricing is expected to be in line with what Apple and Google ask for their smartphones.