Android Pie breaks fast-charging for some 2016 Pixels

Over the past couple of months, an thread began over at XDA-Developers regarding an issue with the Google Pixel XL no longer Charging rapidly when plugged in, even with the factory OEM charger. This issue was occurring to those who installed the Android P Beta. But even after Android Pies final release, there is still no resolution for some folks.

The problem seems to be affecting a number of 2016 Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners who report they cannot get the phone to Charge rapidly, with either the factory charger, a USB-PD compatible power bank, or even an aftermarket USB-PD charger (PD stands for Power Delivery).

Google Pixel XL

The reports range from the factory charger showing Charing slowly, the factory charger only shows Charging rapidly sometimes, the factory charger wont charge the phone at all, or the phone shows Charging rapidly 100% of the time even if the phone is charging slowly. There was even a report of a Pixel 2 that charged slowly when powered off, but not when powered on.

The root cause of all these inconsistencies with USB-Power Delivery isnt currently known and Google has yet to issue a statement about them.

Are you experiencing problems with the factory charger after updating to Android Pie? Let us know in the comments and then head to the Issue Tracker and voice the issue youre having whether its on a Pixel or the Essential PH-1.

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