Android Beta 7.1 blocks Android pay on Nexus 6P with unlocked bootloader, not even rooted

We can understand why Google is now cracking down on Android Pay. As Google releases its Pixel devices, it doesnt want people tinkering too much with an Android Pay enabled device. So the rules are simple: If your device is rooted, no Android Pay, if your devices bootloader is unlocked, no Android Pay either, even if you havent modified the system at all.

A Nexus 6P owner discovered that his Android Pay was no longer working because his bootloader was unlocked. Although the phone is not rooted, this is no longer enough for Android Pay to run, the device must have a locked bootloader, and cannot be rooted either.

Well this is cool… Updated to the #android 7.1.1 Beta on my Nexus 6P & I can no longer use Android Pay with my unlocked bootloader. Proof

⚡Joey Riz⚡ (@jerflash) October 21, 2016

As Google devices are getting into the hands of not just Android enthusiasts, but also the general public, Google is more concerned about Android Pays security.

Allowing Android Pay to work on a rooted device or a device with an unlocked bootloader would be a serious security flaw, as any tinkerer can figure out how the system ticks and potentially steal credit card info, if this happened, it would put a scar on the payment service’s reputation.

Disabling Android Pay for modified devices is the only way Google can ensure everyones sensitive credit card information is safe. Bummer for those who like to flash ROMs and use Android Pay, as the two can no longer occur in unison.