An Honor 8 purchase in the UK can score you Doctor Strange tickets

Superhero/smartphone partnerships have grown in popularity, but allegiances shift. Samsung jumped ship from Marvel to DC and Huawei is picking up the slack.

If you buy the Honor 8 on the Three UK network (370), you have the chance to win two movie tickets to Marvel’s Doctor Strange plus four digital movie downloads (Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor 1 and Captain America 1).

The offer is valid between October 3 and November 30 and only for the first 3,000 Honor 8 units. To qualify, you need to enter your IMEI at the promo’s official site. For the UK, the movie tickets are valid for Cineworld and “select independent exhibitors in Ireland.” For the digital movies, you’ll need to grab from the Google Play Store until the end of January next year.