Amazon’s Echo line of speakers with built-in Alexa assistant launch in the UK on September 14

Today Amazon has sent press invites for an event taking place in the UK on September 14. The invites themselves don’t reveal anything about the conference’s theme, but thankfully Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant comes to the rescue and confirms this is all about the Echo. Have a listen for yourself:

The Echo line of smart speakers has received its latest expansion this March. All the Echo speakers come with Alexa built-in, and you can use Amazon’s assistant to perform a myriad of actions since third party developers can tap into its API. Of course you can also just ask Alexa about upcoming Amazon product launches, like above.

The first Echo speaker launched in the US a couple of years ago and for a long time you were only able to get one with an invite. That all changed in June last year, from which point everyone could grab one. And many people did, making the Echo line one of Amazon’s most successful hardware projects. And now it’s time for it to cross the pond, as they say.