Amazon won’t be shipping Misfit Vapor orders until December

It was August, when it first came to light that the release date of Android Wear 2.0-powered Misfit Vapor has been pushed to October. Then October came, when it was officially announced that the launch is set for October 31.

But before that, sometime during mid-October, the device’s listing popped up on Amazon. The retailer was even accepting orders.

If you try accessing that particular listing page now, you’ll see it has been taken down. And if you try searching for the Vapor on Amazon, you won’t find any new listing as well. So what about those who ordered the watch through the retailer?

Well, turns out you’ll have to wait for another month or so. Misfit recently confirmed this in a tweet.

We will be shipping Vapors to Amazon in December. However, we cannot confirm when exactly they will be able to fulfill your order.

Misfit (@Misfit) November 6, 2017

Keep in mind that the company’s tweet mentions December as the time frame when Amazon will get the stock. So there’s still no exact information on when the retailer will actually start shipping orders.

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