Amazon will no longer honor refunds for dropped price after purchase

No longer are the days that Amazon would honor you a partial refund if the price of the item drops within a week of purchasing it. The only cases where the partial refund will still be offered is with TVs sold from the online retailer.

This news came about with to price-tracking services and customers posting on Reddit. There were a bunch of online services that would automatically contact Amazon on your behalf in case there was a price drop within a reasonable amount of time soon after purchase. These services are what likely have made Amazon change its mind about such policies.

Amazon spokesperson told Recode that the policy was always only supposed to be for Televisions and all the partial refunds given were on granted exceptions. Amazon has been giving these exceptions freely for many items since but now feels that it needs to buckle down. Remember this next time you pull the trigger on a purchase through Amazon, youll have to be happy with the price you paid for something. If it drops within the week youll be stuck paying what you did (unless its a TV).

These startups that offered the automatic refund notifications like Earny and Paribus are now under close watch by Amazon. These services did require Amazon customers to provide them with login credentials, though. Amazon takes its customers security very severely and reminds customers not to share their accounts credentials with anyone.

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