Amazon US further discounts Sony Xperia X, X Performance and XA

Amazon slashed 25% of the prices of the core Xperia line – thats the Xperia X, X Performance and XA. Understandably, the latest additions to the line (XZ and X Compact) are not included, but its strange that the XA Ultra isnt included either.

And the new prices are even lower than the previous cuts – for example, the Xperia X got reduced to $390 but is now $350. The XA sub-line is also included in the discounts, here is the table that gives you at a glance. Note that weve linked only one color for each phone, but all colors are discounted.

Sony Xperia X

Sony Xperia X

$349Sony Xperia X Performance

Sony Xperia X Performance

$499Sony Xperia XA

Sony Xperia XA


Heres the full list of discounts. We looked at B&H and Best Buy but their prices were considerably higher.