Amazon unveils Echo Show with 7″ touchscreen, launches free video and voice calling through Alexa

As leaked mere hours ago, today Amazon did in fact unveil the first Echo device to feature a touchscreen. It’s called Echo Show and it can be yours for $229.99. It will be released on June 28, but you can already pre-order one in black or white. If you want two of them, you can use the promo code SHOW2PACK upon checkout to get $100 off your order.

The Echo Show has everything a ‘normal’ Echo smart speaker boasts, including the always-listening microphone array and Alexa virtual assistant built-in. But it tops off those features with a 7-inch integrated touchscreen and a boxy, retro-ish look.

Amazon says that Alexa can now finally also show you things, thanks to the Echo Show’s display. YouTube videos, lyrics for the songs you love – those are among the things you can see on the screen.

The device has compatibility with smart home products such as Ring and Arlo, so you can ask Alexa to show you the baby’s room or your front door. As you’d expect, every Alexa “skill” that’s supported on other Echo devices is also available for the Echo Show.