Amazon server outage makes Alexa unresponsive

Remember Amazon’s amazing Super Bowl ad in which Alexa lost its voice? Well, funny story: today that scenario became reality.

Thanks to a widespread server outage, the retail giant’s virtual assistant has become unresponsive. Some can’t get it to work at all, while for others its answers have been intermittent. On the other hand you might be lucky enough not to be affected by the issues, because the outage is regional.

You may encounter the signature blue ring staying lit for a long time, as much as 15 seconds even, without any answer. When you finally do get something out of Alexa, it will be the fact that it’s lost connection. Alternatively you could even get a red ring with the assistant asking you to try later. All of this is probably tied to ongoing troubles with Amazon Web Services – many apps that depend on AWS have experienced downtime earlier today.