Amazon removes storage encryption from Fire OS in new OTA

In light of all the Apple VS. FBI controversy, Amazon took it upon itself to push out an OTA to its own Fire OS devices that disables encryption. However, when asked about it, The Verge reports that Amazon claimed the decision was made several months ago when it was removing features that customers were not using.

Encrypting storage was first introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop which first came with some performance issues that had to be addressed. The issue at hand is now all of Amazons products that run Fire OS will be updated to Fire OS 5, which disables encryption completely, rendering all customers internal storage data, no longer protected in the hands of thieves.

While Apple fights the good fight, @Amazon removes encryption as option from FireOS 5 | @csoghoian @normative @eff

— David Scovetta (@davidscovetta) March 3, 2016

The update even tells customers that they need to back up their encrypted data before they can upgrade to the new Fire OS which lacks storage encryption.

Why did Amazon decide to go through with decrypting Fire OS internal storage? Especially at a time like this, speculation points to Amazon not wanting to become involved with the same issues that Apple faces with the FBI.

We hope that Amazon decides to change its mind in deprecating encryption in its next OTA update. The customer deserves to have its data protected and if the customer no longer has the option, then those customers who really depend on storage encryption will likely switch to another device or another platform that will protect its customers data, even as far as fighting through the court system.

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