Amazon Echo Spot comes to the UK, Germany and Austria

The Amazon Echo Spot has reached the UK, Germany and Austria. Well, its on Amazons site anyway and you can pre-order today, but shipping will start on January 24. You may still want to order now as theres a promo if you buy two.

One Echo Spot costs 120 in the Uk or 130 in Germany and in Austria but a pack of two is 200/220 instead. Thats with the code SPOT2PACK.

Last year Amazon enabled calling and messaging on Echo devices in the UK, Germany and Austria. That used to mean voice calls, but the Spot has a camera and a round screen so you can make video calls with it too.

Alexa Echo Spot can be a clock
Alexa Echo Spot can be a security camera monitor
Alexa Echo Spot can do video calls
Alexa Echo Spot can show lyrics

Alexa Echo Spot can be a clock or a security camera monitor, do video calls or show lyrics

It does everything the cheaper Echo Dot does, complete with a built-in 2W speaker (Bluetooth and 3.5mm out are available if you want more oomph). When not in use, Echos screen doubles as a night clock. Or you can use to look through compatible Wi-Fi enabled security cameras.