Amazon Cloud Drive nixes unlimited storage tier

Hot on the heels of Apple’s reorganization of its online storage tiers for iCloud, Amazon has made some changes to its Cloud Drive service too. However, in this case it’s not good news at all. While Apple is now basically offering 2TB for the price of 1TB, Amazon has decided to end its unlimited storage subscription. This was launched more than two years ago, and it was available for $59.99 per year.

From this point on, though, Amazon Cloud Drive only has two paid tiers left alongside the free 5GB option: you either get 100GB for $11.99 per year, or 1TB if you pay $59.99. That’s it. Given these price points, you can pretty much say that the unlimited tier was replaced with the one giving you just 1TB of storage. If you need even more, you’ll have to shell out $59.99 for each additional terabyte per year, but there’s a top limit of 30TB that’s simply impossible to go past even so.

These changes went live today. If you’ve got the unlimited storage plan you’ll keep it until your current subscription expires. After that, you’ll automatically be switched to the new 1TB tier, if you have less than 1TB of data stored or if you have auto-renew turned on. If you have more data in there or don’t have auto-renew on, you will have to manually pick one of the new plans. If your stuff is over the quota you choose, you won’t be able to upload additional files, and you’ll get 180 days to delete content or pick a bigger quota (if that’s possible). But if you have Amazon Prime, you at least won’t lose unlimited photo storage.