A couple more photos of the HTC One M10 leak ahead of phones launch

HTC, is taking its sweet time preparing for the launch of the HTC One M10 also codenamed HTC Perfume in even earlier leaks. Perhaps its waiting for all the Samsung Galaxy S7 hype to be over before releasing its newest flagship.

After seeing the rear of the phone in leaks, renders and teasers, I finally understand why HTC decided to go with such a large chamfered edge. Its more for ergonomics than aesthetics. The oversized chamfer gives the edges of the rear of the device a tapered edge, such that will make holding the device a more pleasurable experience.

#HTC #HTC10 @angt29 via @tanalibera

Steve Hemmerstoffer (@stagueve) March 10, 2016

The front of the device gives us a look at the homescreen of the device and judging by that weather widget, we could assume this leak originates from Beijing. We can also see a fingerprint scanner right below the screen now joined by two capacitive buttons on either side. A departure from the on screen buttons of the HTC One M9.

The company hasnt been doing so hot in the past couple of years so lets hope this phone will be HTCs game changer for the year. If it doesnt, at least HTC could pray that its alleged future partnership with Google could help get it out of deeper waters.