70% of Samsung Galaxy Note7 users in Canada have registered for replacement so far

Samsung Canada has revealed that 70% of all Galaxy Note7 owners in the country have registered for a replacement unit thus far. Just to let you know, a total of 22,000 units of the phablet were sold in Canada before the device was officially recalled.

Replacement units started arriving in the country last week, but they only contained a small black square on the box label to differentiate from the faulty ones. The company, however, is now planning to push out a new, mandatory software update that’ll change the color of the battery indicator from white to green.

Those in Canada who are still using a faulty Note7 unit will see a notification popping up every three hours, reminding them to get their unit replaced. This, again, will be done through a software update.

“That green battery tells you that you have a new device. In the event that you have a device that hasnt been replaced, the software will detect what battery is in there and prompt you to register for the exchange program,” said Samsung Canada’s COO and executive vice-president of mobile enterprise solutions Paul Brannen.