500 strong Experience Team to test the LG V30 for a month

LG is seeking volunteers for the LG V30 National Experience Team, which will get to try out the upcoming flagship before the retail launch. In total, 500 people from South Korea will be selected between August 22 and 28. Thats more than double the number of testers chosen for the LG G6.

Youll need to visit this site – – to answer a questionnaire and enter your social networking account. Keep in mind that 200,000 people tried out for the LG G6 team and only 210 were selected.

The LG V30 Experience Team will be 500 strong, will test the flagship for a month

Still, if you do get on the team, youll be asked to perform various missions and post the results on social media. Its too late to do beta testing on the LG V30, this is simply to drum up publicity.

The test period will last a month and, in case you were wondering, it doesnt sound like testers will get to keep the phone. The retail launch in Korea will be on September 15, so for a couple of weeks only a lucky group of 500 will be using the new AMOLED-packing flagship.

Source (in Korean)