$29 battery replacements for iPhone 6 Plus delayed until March or April

Last month Apple came clean about intentionally slowing down iPhones with old batteries. Subsequently, the company has offered an apology to its customers, and as part of that it’s lowered the out of warranty battery replacement fee from $79 to $29. This price applies to the iPhone 6 and newer devices, and will be valid until the end of the year.

However, if you have an iPhone 6 Plus and want to take advantage of the deal as soon as possible, here’s some bad news. It turns out that there’s a severe supply constraint on replacement batteries for this model at the moment. According to an internal document, Apple stores and Authorized Service Providers will only have them in stock in late March to early April in the US and other regions.

The situation is slightly better for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus, with wait times currently being approximately two weeks for those. Replacements for all the other models are expected to be available “without extended delays” in most countries. That said, lead times may vary in some places such as the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Russia, and Turkey.